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USNA 72 – Well Turned Pens

Posted: 7/8/2020


For the past year John Muncie (USNA ’71) has been making commemorative pens for his class’s upcoming 50 year reunion.  All proceeds have been donated to his class and most recently toward COVID relief.

He has made us an offer we can hardly refuse.  John has been making and selling ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pens since 2011, and has offered to make pens for us, engraved with our class crest.  But here is the best part of the deal!  For every pen you buy, John will make a $10 donation to our class fund and a $20 donation to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.  The funds John keeps will go to cover his expenses.

John is offering two styles of ballpoints: a Gatsby with either rhodium or titanium gold accents, and a more upscale Sierra Elegant Beauty with either platinum/black titanium or black and gold titanium accents.   You can see samples of his pens at,

The Gatsby normally retails for $60 and up, and the Sierra Elegant Beauties for $70 and up.  Your cost for one of these pens is just $55 or $65 respectively, plus shipping.   Each pen is individually hand crafted, carries an unconditional lifetime warrantee for workmanship, and comes with a top of the line Parker-compatible refill and a protective felt sleeve.

Bob Leib, Bill Boniface, and I have seen samples of John’s work and can attest to its quality.

You can order your pen today at  Click on the USNA Class of 1972 menu option at the top.  In anticipation of our 50th reunion celebration, John suggests engraving the pen with our class crest and the inscription, 50th REUNION 1972 – 2022.

Once John has your order and payment, his goal is to have your pen in the mail within two weeks.   However, note that he is a one-man operation (no mass production capability) and is already making pens for his classmates and their own 50th class reunion.  With your order you should stipulate whether you would prefer blue or black ink and if the intended user of the pen is a right or left-handed writer.

If you have any questions, John’s email is You can also view his work at

Tried and True with ’72!

Chapel Heirlooms

Posted: 5/17/2020

Classmates – The chapel dome is undergoing much needed refurbishment and USNA is making pieces of the old dome available through a unique offer.  Please see the attached flyer for further information.  This is an opportunity to own a piece of our history.  Go Navy!

See this flyer, USNACustomizedFlyer

or go to


50th Reunion

Posted: 3/17/2020

Looking forward to seeing you at the 50th reunion October 28-30, 2022 – more information to come (with 30 months to go!)

Gary Besaw built this amazing image for our 50th. Many thanks Gary!


Class Legacy Campaign Update: 4th Company takes top participation prize

Posted: 2/16/2020
Last September, I sent an e-gouge around to thank the 306 classmates that had participated in our 50th Reunion Campaign, and put a challenge out to anyone that had not yet participated if they would consider sending in a minimum contribution in order to get our participation rate up closer to our goal of 50% (we stalled out at 44%). The goal was to see if we could get some of the lower participating companies to improve their ranking…with the incentive that the winning company would receive for each of their participants (besides bragging rights) one of our 1972/2022 “link-in-the-chain” coins that we gave to each member of the class of 2022 during their plebe summer!
We used the company reps to help facilitate the effort, and said we’d run the campaign through the end of the 2019 calendar year (December 31st).
Well, the company reps did a great job…we’ve now pulled together the year-end data, and the result was an increase in participation to a new total of 340 classmates that have now participated in the campaign, which increases our overall rate of participation to 46%….awfully close to our goal! Regarding the winning company, congratulations go to 4th company, which zoomed up (from 7th place) to 1st place with 26 classmates, followed by 12 other companies that achieved double digit participation results. Very impressive!
In my recent e-gouge, I provided the final standings for the top 13 companies that broke through the double-digit participation level….and I’m happy to provide the final standings for any other company if anyone is interested. The 26 classmates from 4th Company will all receive one of our “link-in-the-chain” coins as a token of our class’s appreciation.
I’m including a one-page summary of our campaign’s status, as we now enter its third year. We should all consider this latest “participation” campaign as a “win-win” as we’ve had, in total, greater participation in this final campaign by our class than in any previous campaign that we’ve ever run! We blew through the (what we thought) unrealistic goal of $5 Million, and our totals now exceed $6 Million ($6.11 Million to be exact). THIS IS A RECORD – NO OTHER CLASS IN USNA HISTORY HAS RAISED THIS MUCH FOR A CAMPAIGN! My thanks to all of you (and especially our anonymous donor who set a “matching” goal of $2.5 Million that we all met). Our collective effort has allowed us to contribute to the moral, mental, and physical dimensions of midshipmen development through the funding of four separate projects, which are listed on the slide below:
Jeff Beard

ALITC – Coins now available!

Posted: 2/14/2020

The Class has a limited number of Honor Coins available for purchase.  The price is $22.72 (note the clever pricing).  The money will be used to support the “A Link in the Chain” program.  The coins are available from Gary Coyle.  To order, send a check for $22.72, made out to USNA Class of 1972 to:

Gary Coyle

ALITC Honor Coin

11204 Silver Tree Place

Columbia, MD 21044-5703

You can also contact Gary at  or 443-745-2231.   Orders will be filled as received.  If orders exceed the number of coins available, you will be contacted to see if you want to wait for a new striking of the coin.

Chipping In – Part II

Posted: 10/18/2019

First of all, let me thank all of you that “chipped in” on the wording for the plaque that will be mounted at the entrance of the “Class of ’72 Sports & Rehabilitation Center”. We received over 30 responses, and it was quite helpful. I will post the final wording that was approved for the plaque in a separate note, along with some photos of the dedication ceremony scheduled for next month.

This e-gouge is to now ask for you to “chip-in” specifically as it relates to point #3 below.

  • We raised $5.86 Million (versus a goal of $5 Million) to support four project areas. A record for class legacy campaigns!
  • We now have a new DMP for Character, Tom Roberts, who replaces Jim Campbell
  • Over the past six months, our participation rate for the class overall has crept up to 44% (versus our goal of 50%) with 33 additional classmates coming into the campaign.
  • The renovation and conversion of Ricketts Hall, converting it to a new Physical Mission Center to include our Sports & Rehabilitation Center is underway.
  • First of all, let me thank the 306 of you that are already participating in the campaign. Bravo Zulu! This particular memo is now aimed at those of you that, for whatever reason, haven’t yet participated in the campaign…. and I know that we’re never going to get 100% as people have different priorities…all well and good. However, if we get another 50 classmates (that’s one or two per company), we will hit our 50% goal.

So, I’m calling this latest effort our “chipping in” mini campaign, aimed at our 36 companies to see if we can get some of the lower participation companies to improve their ranking, and to see which company can be #1 with the most participants. The mini campaign is so named as it only takes $1.00 which can be included with a signed pledge form saying that you are donating and indicating which of the four project areas you’d like your donation to go towards.

I’ve already been in contact with the company reps, and they’ve asked for some time to reach out to many of you…and indeed we’ve already seen a few more classmates being added to the rosters. I’m now asking you to review your company’s results, and thus am providing with this memo: (1) a summary participation ranking, by company (by the way, 28th Company is in first place with 18 participants…. and 23rd Company is in last place with only one participant) AND (2) A link to the pledge form:

So, print off the pledge form, fill it out, include your dollar, and send it to the Foundation address listed on the form. We’ll keep this mini-campaign short, run it through the end of the year, and announce the results in early 2020. Oh yeah, I almost forgot… the winning company will receive for each of their participants (besides bragging rights) one of our 1972/2022 “link-in-the-chain” coins that we gave to each member of the class of 2022 last summer!


Jeffrey Beard


ALITC: Bonds of Gold Ceremony with the Class of 2022

Posted: 9/16/2019

This coming April, we will have the Bonds of Gold Ceremony with the Class of 2022.  At that time we will donate some of our class rings to be melted and joined with the gold that will be forged into the rings of the Class of 2022.  Our rings are more than heirlooms or memorials.  They are the outward symbol of the promise the Class of 1972 made to our country, the Navy and each other.  For the last fifty years, our class has served, both in and out of uniform, always with Honor, Courage and Commitment.   It is a fitting tribute to that service that a part of our class continues on with the Class of 2022.   These young women and men will carry on the traditions of the Academy and the Naval service deep into the 21st century.  I would like to believe that when these officers are challenged, as they will be, a small part of the Class of 1972 will stand with them.   When our children and grandchildren hear of the achievements of the Class of 2022, they will reflect with pride on the part the Class of 1972 played in those achievements and celebrate the Honor, Courage and Commitment of the Class of 2022.  Donating this important part of your life is a difficult decision, but  I ask all of the families of the Class to consider a ring donation.   Tired and True.

Gary Coyle

ALITC ’72 Coordinator

Naval Academy Annual Ethics Dinner

Posted: 9/15/2019

On September 12th the Naval Academy had its annual Ethics Dinner to recognize the Ethics program excellence. The Superintendent gave out the Annual VADM Lawerence Award for best student in the Core Ethics Course. He also presented the annual Adm Charles Larson award for yard-wide Leadership.Also, this year, the Naval Academy initiated the new, perpetual “Captain William R. Rubel Award for Instructor Excellence“.
Of significance to our class, Rick Rubel was able to present the first annual award in his name to Capt Tom Robertson, our Class ’72 Distinguished Military Professor of Character! (Winning an award in his first year!)

The citation to Tom Robertson reads below.
Congrats to Tom and Rick!

To Capt Tom Robertson:

You have been selected as the Captain William R. Rubel Ethics Instructor Excellence for Academic Year 2019.  To earn this distinction, you demonstrated the highest level of proficiency, dedication, and enthusiasm in the classroom while serving as a Military Instructor for the United States Naval Academy’s core Ethics course, Ethics and Moral Reasoning for Naval Officers.

In particular, your peers and the senior faculty and staff of LEAD Division and the Leadership, Ethics & Law Department have recognized your extraordinary level of engagement with your students, your consistency of effort while teaching five sections of NE203 over two semesters, and your creative pedagogy, which has not only proved effective in your classrooms, but has also inspired your colleagues.  Your loyal commitment to LEAD Division and your fellow instructors was on full display when you stepped forward to take on a heavier teaching load to meet LEL Department needs. Your readiness to lend your expertise to the NE203 Pilot program has been instrumental in assessing the efficacy of this significant initiative.  Most importantly, the superlatives that your students have used to describe their semesters in your sections were impassioned.  They reflect the effectiveness with which you leveraged your own unique military experiences to connect moral theory to moral practice, your command of the discipline, your approachability, and your sincere desire to ensure your students enter the Fleet prepared for moral leadership.  They are, furthermore, evidence of your consummate professionalism, and your steadfast commitment to teaching excellence and the mission of the United States Naval Academy.

Your unwavering dedication to the moral and mental development of your students has had a profound and lasting impact on the professional development and education of our future Navy and Marine Corps leaders.  Please accept my congratulations and sincerest gratitude for a job well done!

Chipping In, Part 1 – Misery Hall

Posted: 8/31/2019

To: Class of ‘72
Re: “Chipping in” – Part I

Webster’s Dictionary defines “chipping in” as: “to contribute to something being undertaken by a group, such as a task or collection”. This memo is to ask for your help on the “task” part of that definition, specifically point #4 below.

First, some context as it relates to our recent successful 50th Reunion Legacy Campaign:

  1. We raised $5.86 Million (versus a goal of $5 Million) to support four project areas. A record for class legacy campaigns!
  2. We now have a new DMP for Character, Tom Roberts, who replaces Jim Campbell
  3. Over the past six months, our participation rate for the class overall has crept up to 44% with 32 additional classmates coming into the campaign.
  4. The renovation and conversion of Ricketts Hall, converting it to a new Physical Mission Centre, is underway. I’m including a few photos showing the construction that’s going on, plus the finished product images:

With the $2.5 Million we raised for this particular project, we’re entitled to a dedication plaque that will be prominently displayed for the “Class of ’72 Sports & Rehabilitation Center”. Chuck Gladchuk approached our anonymous “donor matching” classmate (AC) for this task (since he funded the major part of this project). “AC” has put together a first draft, and has asked for input from other members of the class in the creation and review of the text for the dedication plaque.

Therefore, I’m enclosing his draft with this memo and inviting (primarily) any classmate who also contributed to the Class of ’72 Sports & Rehabilitation Center to help in the editing and crafting of our message. We’ve already gotten some good input from our hardworking campaign committee… and that input is now incorporated within the draft below…we’d like to solicit input from the broader class.

So, here’s my “Chipping in, part I” request. Below is the draft for our class plaque. If you have any edits, suggestions, or improvements, go ahead and send them directly to me at my e-mail: I’ll serve as the “catcher” for all of this, summarize the chops, and review with “AC” and our class president, Bob Leib, for final approval.

Class of 1972 Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Center

The Class of 1972 is proud to sponsor this Sports Center that will sharpen the competitive advantage and serve as a haven of physical restoration for all members of the Brigade of Midshipmen. While participating in varsity, club, and intramural sports at the Naval Academy, we honed a competitive attitude, learned the importance of placing team over self, discovered the transforming power of purposeful daily drudgery, and developed effective leadership skills. We all know from personal experience that these encounters prepared us for the challenges we faced as officers in the Navy and Marine Corps and as future business leaders and community leaders. We are confident this Center will help support this vital physical development of Midshipmen in the years to come.

Tried and True with ’72!

Beat Army!

Dedicated 2019

Thanks guys…I’ll be back in touch in a week or so with the Part II of my “chipping in” request, which concerns point #3.

Jeffrey Beard

New DMP for Character Development


As you know, we’ve raised $1.63 Million (versus a $1.0 Million goal) during our last campaign to fund the Class of 1972 DMP for Character. The role had been filled by Jim Campbell. Jim’s been replaced in the role by Tom Robertson. Tom is quite excited about the role and the opportunity it brings in developing the moral character of midshipmen. He’s looking forward to meeting as many classmates as he can, and will try and stop by the ’72 tailgaters during this season’s home football games.

Tom’s first job was to develop a “character program continuum” to help him conceptualize the specific events which make up USNA’s overall character program. It’s not for publication, and too dense to include with this Shipmate article, but Tom has conveyed to the class that he would welcome any input or suggestions that anybody might have on this continuum. Therefore, if you would like to see a copy and respond, please contact Tom directly. His e-mail address is:

So, below is a photo of a character development symposium with the mids. Additionally, I asked Tom if he would introduce himself to the class by answering two questions: (1) what was your motivation for applying for the role? and (2) what are the near-term goals you have set for the 2019/2020 academic year? Below is his response:

Tried & True w/‘72

Jeff Beard

Hello Class of 1972. I’m looking forward to meeting more of you over the coming year. My answers to the two questions posed by Jeff are:

  • My motivation for applying for the role:

I believe that leaders should humbly begin every day, no matter the prospects of that day, with a profound sense of gratitude for the privilege of serving in the position in which they find themselves. When I consider serving in the role of the Class of 1972 Distinguished Military Professor for Character Education, my sense of gratitude originates from the concept of “legacy”. The members of the Class of 1972, through your generous contributions to the class fund, certainly understand the value of investing in the next generation of leaders at the United States Naval Academy. In my role as the DMP for Character Education, my daily motivation is to partner with you in building a “living legacy”, one leader at a time. By teaching in the classroom, facilitating character capstone seminars, training incoming plebes, overseeing the honor remediation program and leading research and curriculum development projects, I purpose to join with you in mentoring midshipmen and positively affecting the character and quality of the USNA graduates who will lead us into the future.

  • My specific goals for 2019/2020 include:
    • maintain and then improve upon the high quality of the 1/C Character Capstone seminars in terms of teaching modules, alumni involvement and guest speakers.
    • promote integration of character development efforts across all USNA programs by serving as LEAD Division adviser for “Character in the Curriculum” efforts.
    • promote collaboration in the field of ethical leadership with alumni and private/ public organizations and then facilitate their connection with the Brigade.
    • design new course material for both core courses such as NE203 Ethics as well as electives such as NP430 Ethics in Irregular Warfare.
    • meet with leadership/ character development representatives from USMA and USAFA to help establish a collaborative group to share “best practices” among service academies in an on-going effort also including USMMA and USCGA.

Tom Robertson





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