ALITC: Bonds of Gold Ceremony with the Class of 2022

Posted: 9/16/2019

This coming April, we will have the Bonds of Gold Ceremony with the Class of 2022.  At that time we will donate some of our class rings to be melted and joined with the gold that will be forged into the rings of the Class of 2022.  Our rings are more than heirlooms or memorials.  They are the outward symbol of the promise the Class of 1972 made to our country, the Navy and each other.  For the last fifty years, our class has served, both in and out of uniform, always with Honor, Courage and Commitment.   It is a fitting tribute to that service that a part of our class continues on with the Class of 2022.   These young women and men will carry on the traditions of the Academy and the Naval service deep into the 21st century.  I would like to believe that when these officers are challenged, as they will be, a small part of the Class of 1972 will stand with them.   When our children and grandchildren hear of the achievements of the Class of 2022, they will reflect with pride on the part the Class of 1972 played in those achievements and celebrate the Honor, Courage and Commitment of the Class of 2022.  Donating this important part of your life is a difficult decision, but  I ask all of the families of the Class to consider a ring donation.   Tired and True.

Gary Coyle

ALITC ’72 Coordinator