Naval Academy Annual Ethics Dinner

Posted: 9/15/2019

On September 12th the Naval Academy had its annual Ethics Dinner to recognize the Ethics program excellence. The Superintendent gave out the Annual VADM Lawerence Award for best student in the Core Ethics Course. He also presented the annual Adm Charles Larson award for yard-wide Leadership.Also, this year, the Naval Academy initiated the new, perpetual “Captain William R. Rubel Award for Instructor Excellence“.
Of significance to our class, Rick Rubel was able to present the first annual award in his name to Capt Tom Robertson, our Class ’72 Distinguished Military Professor of Character! (Winning an award in his first year!)

The citation to Tom Robertson reads below.
Congrats to Tom and Rick!

To Capt Tom Robertson:

You have been selected as the Captain William R. Rubel Ethics Instructor Excellence for Academic Year 2019.  To earn this distinction, you demonstrated the highest level of proficiency, dedication, and enthusiasm in the classroom while serving as a Military Instructor for the United States Naval Academy’s core Ethics course, Ethics and Moral Reasoning for Naval Officers.

In particular, your peers and the senior faculty and staff of LEAD Division and the Leadership, Ethics & Law Department have recognized your extraordinary level of engagement with your students, your consistency of effort while teaching five sections of NE203 over two semesters, and your creative pedagogy, which has not only proved effective in your classrooms, but has also inspired your colleagues.  Your loyal commitment to LEAD Division and your fellow instructors was on full display when you stepped forward to take on a heavier teaching load to meet LEL Department needs. Your readiness to lend your expertise to the NE203 Pilot program has been instrumental in assessing the efficacy of this significant initiative.  Most importantly, the superlatives that your students have used to describe their semesters in your sections were impassioned.  They reflect the effectiveness with which you leveraged your own unique military experiences to connect moral theory to moral practice, your command of the discipline, your approachability, and your sincere desire to ensure your students enter the Fleet prepared for moral leadership.  They are, furthermore, evidence of your consummate professionalism, and your steadfast commitment to teaching excellence and the mission of the United States Naval Academy.

Your unwavering dedication to the moral and mental development of your students has had a profound and lasting impact on the professional development and education of our future Navy and Marine Corps leaders.  Please accept my congratulations and sincerest gratitude for a job well done!