Class of 72 Ship’s Stores

Posted: 1/21/2022


The Class of ‘72 Ship’s Stores for 50th Reunion Merchandise are now opened for business!

For clothing items go to and for non-clothing items go to

Our clothing supplier, Anchor Enterprises, is conducting an “early bird” campaign, featuring personalized football jerseys.  These highly customized jerseys have a long lead time and a minimum order requirement, so orders for this “early bird” sales campaign will only be accepted until February 13, 2022.   Again, the web address is:

Finally, we welcome ForeverFirstie to the Class of ’72 Ship’s Store lineup. As a reminder, their link address is Here you will find glasses, mugs, decals, etc.  You can order a “package” specially selected for our class or you can purchase separate items from an array of quality merchandise.  You also have a choice of two logos on your choices; either our class crest or the new 50th reunion logo created by Gary Besaw.

Don’t be a “straggler” – get your orders in now!”