Class Legacy Gift Campaign Sets New Record for USNA Foundation

Posted: 9/20/2018

Attention World, Attention World…Class of ’72 50th Reunion Legacy Gift Campaign Sets New Record For USNA Foundation!

We’ve been working on this for well over a year, and I wanted to share our results with you, now that we’ve wrapped up the solicitation phase of the campaign.

In a nutshell…we nailed it!


I’m including our results to-date. As you recall, we set what many thought was an unrealistic goal of $5 Million…more than any other class has raised…but based on a $2.5 Million “match” by our anonymous classmate. In other words, if all of the rest of us raised $2.5 Million, he would agree to match that amount.

We also set goals for a record four different projects: (1) Naval Academy Annual Fund (2) The 1972 Sports & Rehabilitation Centre (w/our name on it) (3) The Distinguished Military Professor (DMP) for Character Development and (4) Project-Based Learning.

Well, we ended up blowing through our $5 Million goal and, as of this month, we have raised a bit over $6 Million! In addition,  we’ve met all the individual project financial goals as well!

What I’m most proud of though is the participation rate, which is right around 35% …a bit over a third of the class….and our highestparticipation rate compared to all of our previous campaigns.

The reason we did so well was because of you….you all bought into the campaign, the goals, and a record number of you ended up participating. We should all be proud of an achievement that has never, ever been reached in USNA history, according to the Foundation. It’s a record that the Foundation feels will last for a long time.

So, here are the summary results.

There’s also a USNA Legacy Campaign Wrap-up presentation if you’d like to learn a bit more about what we did and how we did it. (Click the link in the presentation title.)

These numbers will continue to trickle higher as there’s still a few classmates that we’re still chasing down. Also, for the next five years, any of you that participate in the annual Naval Academy fund drive….or the all academy challenge…all of those additional funds will get added to our campaign totals!

Tried & true with ’72!