Class Legacy Gift Campaign – Last Call

Posted: 7/2/2018


The active/solicitation phase of Legacy Campaign nearing end!

Last summer (2017) we raised awareness and ran a survey monkey to get your input on projects to include in the campaign. Then we showcased each component before our October reunion, and reviewed the goals at the class business meeting. Our campaign committee called the (historical) top 50 donors during the pre-campaign in late 2017, got us off to a good start, and we launched the formal campaign in March 2018 with the rest of the class.

Since then, Catapult (our vendor) has been writing letters and making calls. They’ve processed 242 prospects resulting in 68 pledges totaling $358,654. They are working on the last 368 classmates now, and intend to complete the entire class by the end of this month. By the week of July 13th, they will have chased as many rabbits as much as they can and will turn in their final report to us.

The good news – we’ve now raised just over $4 Million (with matching) and seem to have a good chance to hit our goal within the next couple of months.

The bad news – we only have a few over 200 classmates contributing to the campaign, way below our goal of 50% (plus we still have to hit our financial goal).

So, this is our last call. If you haven’t been contacted….or you have been contacted but not followed up with….or you told Catapult “no” but have now changed your mind, please click on this link to our pledge form, print it off, fill it out, and send it in to Melissa Nelson at the Foundation Office at the address on the form:

Regarding which areas to support? We’re doing well on the Naval Academy Fund and the DMP. We still need help on both Project-Based Learning AND the Sports & Rehabilitation Centre (which will bear our name if we can raise $2.5 Million).

For those of you that have already pledged – thank you! For those of you that have not yet pledged – please consider participating in this historic (and last) campaign for the Class of 1972.


Jeff Beard