Class Legacy Gift Campaign Update Memo 5

Posted: 5/20/2018

Class Legacy Campaign Update:

We’re about halfway through the campaign. Calls have been in progress, in tranches, to the class since April, and this will continue until the end of June and we reach everybody. Each of you get a letter, an information sheet, then a call. We have well over 100 donors thus far, and we’re making good progress on getting the participation rate to 50%.

All four project areas are being supported, with strong support to the DMP project, and the Naval Academy Fund. After that, the 1972 Athletic Facility & Excellence Project and Project-Based Learning are starting to pick up momentum. Counting the matching from our Anonymous Classmate, we stand today at a little over $3.2 Million out of the $5 Million goal…which is outstanding since we’re only now going out to the bulk of the class.

Speaking of “A.C.” (our “anonymous classmate”), here’s a short note from him:

Dear Classmates,

I am excited about our Class of ’72 50th Reunion Legacy Campaign and the support that has been shown during the opening stages of the Campaign.  There are three facets of our campaign that I find particularly appealing:

  1. Our stretch goals of raising $5 million with 50% participation will set a record for a class fundraising campaign at the Academy.  What an honor it will be for our class to lead the way, helping educate and train the leaders of tomorrow at our beloved Alma Mater!
  2. The naming opportunity for the Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Center allows our class to leave a visible legacy on the Academy grounds.  As Alexander Hamilton raps in the musical Hamilton, “I wanna build something that’s gonna outlive me!” This our chance to create something that will outlive us.
  3. Most importantly, our campaign includes four diverse components: the Distinguished Military Professor in Character Development, Project Based Learning, the Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Center, and the Naval Academy Fund.  One of these likely speaks to your heart.  Be sure to support that component!  Our participation goal is as important as our financial goal, so please participate at whatever level fits your current situation.

Remember that I will double your impact by matching all contributions dollar for dollar up to $2.5 million!  For those who are wondering, this is a true match program.  I am matching other contributions dollar for dollar and I am hopeful that match will reach the maximum amount of $2.5 million.

Thanks A.C…..for those of you that haven’t yet been called that want to go ahead and pledge now, just send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the pledge form with instructions.


Jeff Beard

Class of ’72 Fundraising Chair