This reunion had the 2nd highest number of attendees of all of our previous reunions – over 750!

Attached PDF file contains slides from our class meeting. >>> 45th reunion class meeting slides  <<

Below is a summary of the 45th Reunion Revenue and Expenses.

Every five years the reunion Committee is asked to make enough profit to pay for all class projects and operations from the class fund between reunions. These projects are: football game tailgates, the pocket Constitutions to graduating Firsties, the leadership award we sponsor for the 20th company, Classmates’ Memorial contributions, and now the 50-year Another Link in the Chain activities for the class of 2022.  Through your generosity and participation we met our goals and are in good shape.

Here’s a financial recap of reunion revenue and expenses from our Treasurer; Dan Weaver. (Thanks Dan)

Reunion Revenue and expenses 

Reunion Expenses

== Net Reunion Revenue $42,986.76

Other Reunion Revenue $11,127.13 (Note 6)

== total Net Revenue = $54,113.89


  1. Includes class members’ sign-up contributions of $16,153 and $140 of public contributions at football tailgate
  2. Includes $8,301.08 of processing fees and expenses deducted by Sign Up Now
  3. Royalties not yet received
  4. Includes $5,000 Bo Brooks Catering expense deposit paid 9-18-2016
  5. Includes $1,500 Loew’s Hotel deposit paid 1-13-2015
  6. DoubleTree Hotel contribution made directly to Class of 1972 Alumni  Association Project Fund (not in Class of 1972 discretionary checking)

We always want to improve on the process and the weekend events. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the next reunion, please send them to along with your availability to serve on the committee next time.

Rick Rubel