Final Letter Available for Printing:

Classmates, an update from Rick Rubel – as of 5 Aug 2022

USNA ’72 50th Reunion Newsletter #5

’72 Classmates –


Updated information:


– There are over 1085 Classmates and Guests who have registered. This will clearly be an all-time record for USNA reunions by any class!

– There’s still time to register – Register at: https://SignUpNow.Events/USNA1972.  After you have registered, you can return to your registration information by logging in on the site (using the same password you chose when you registered), and make changes to the events you plan to attend, or make your payment, if you haven’t already.
– You can always cancel for a refund or pay monthly installments. If you would like to attend, but have trouble paying for this, please let Paul Bienhoff know.  

COUPLE COST    692.72
SINGLE COST      492.72
CHILDREN <15   100.00   (weekend)
WIDOWS              172.00
TAILGATE ONLY GUESTS   88.00 plus $42 for each game ticket (Must be a guest of a full weekend registered.)
TAILGATE ONLY CHILD GUESTS (<15) 42.00 plus $42 for each game ticket

Game Tickets:  The Reunion Weekend Packages and Tailgate Only Guests fees include a game ticket. Please don’t check the boxes requesting a game ticket UNLESS you submitted an earlier registration order claiming, in error, you had a season ticket (or tickets). If you DO have a season ticket (or tickets), you can get a discount of $42 per ticket by checking the box(es) that cover that circumstance.

The 50th Reunion price includes:
– Thursday evening Welcome Reception (food and drink) Doubletree
– Friday night reception 1700-1930 (food and drink) and optional “Company Tables” 1930-2130 in Alumni Hall
– Saturday tailgate (food and drink)
Football game tickets (required to attend the tailgate)
– Sunday Brunch in King Hall
– Free events, which include the Class Business meeting, Superintendent’s Briefing, a “special” Dress Parade, religious services at the Chapel and Levy Center, and the Class of 1972 Memorial Service
– Donations to the class operating fund for future projects may be made during registration.

For Widows of our Fallen Classmates
We would really like to encourage widows of Fallen Classmates to attend. Please reach out to the widows in your company. The registration process for widows of our fallen Classmates has been revised to make it simpler. Widows of fallen Classmates who would like to attend the Reunion can use the following link to register:

Mobility Assist– Registration sign up will ask if you need mobility assistance or if you have other restrictions on diet or other activities during the Reunion events

Friday Night Class Reception- Joyce Stocks –
– The Friday evening reception at Alumni Hall will begin after the Parade (1700-1930), with handicapped transportation available as necessary.  Plenty of food and beverages will be available with heavy hors d’oeuvres buffets, and complimentary drink tickets for beer, wine, and soda.
-There will also be designated Community Tables – where Marines, Aviators, SWO’s, Submariners, RL, etc. can gather and reconnect with former shipmates.
– At 1930-2130 the event will transition to a “Company Tables” after-party and will continue, with lighter hors d’oeuvres and a credit card bar.
– Dress for reception will be “Parade casual”
Men: collared shirts, slacks —   Ladies: comfortable and classy

Friday Night reception slideshow reminder – Don Speights
WE NEED YOUR PICS! Thanks for sending all the pics from your time at USNA, the service, and reunions! …BUT we need more! There are a LOT of gaps, as some companies haven’t sent any.  I know, everyone is very busy, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try to send anything you have.  I guarantee you will enjoy seeing all of them again.  I certainly have.  Send to

Golf – Tal Manvel
– Tal Manvel is organizing the Class of 72 Golf outing.
– Golf Outing at 50th Reunion will be on Thursday 27 October 2022 with a shotgun start at 0900 with 80 spots available for ’72.
– The cost per person will be $120 for the tee time, cart and $4 for range balls
– We will have buses pick the golfers up at the hotels at 0730 to take them to Eisenhower Golf Course. (“The Preserve”)
For more info, please contact Tal Manvel at

Tennis Play– Don Carlson is working on a Tennis play for Thursday at 1000. If interested, email Don at

Stadium Events – Tailgate Alan Kraft –
– The Tailgate will go from 1330-1930 and the game starts at 1530.

– Tailgate pricing – If the guests you’re bringing to the Class Tailgate are 20 or younger, the caterer will discount the cost of the Tailgate to the Class (free for <12, and 50% for 12-20). Please let Alan Kraft ( know if any of your guests qualify for these discounts.

Football Tickets: Since the Tailgate is inside the stadium, everyone who wants to attend the TG will need a game ticket. The ticket price is included in the Weekend and Tailgate Only price.
– Season ticket holders may choose to use their season tickets for access to the game (and the Class Tailgate). Their Reunion package cost will be discounted by the amount the Class pays for its group tickets ($42 for each ticket). This option, titled “Season Ticket Holders – Remove Ticket from Weekend Package” is available on the Events page, immediately following the Tailgate event for you and each of your guests (there’s a checkbox for each person in your group) Note that the Events page appears after you have entered the names of your Guests, and selected the red box that states, “Continue Registration – Add your events and pay”.

Ship’s Store – Jim Grover –
Our reunion ship’s stores are still open.  In case you’ve forgotten, the  link for clothing is: and you can still place orders, but delivery before the reunion is NOT guaranteed.  The link for other merchandise is: and there should be no problems getting your merchandise before the reunion.

Hotel Update – Dave and Barb Hogen –,
While both DoubleTree and Crowne Plaza room blocks are full for Friday/Saturday, please check as openings may become available outside the room block. For those who are staying elsewhere and who wish to use the bus service from those two hotels to events in the Yard and/or football game/Tailgate, parking is generally available at either hotel. Other hotels in the area (Parole, West Street, downtown) may still have availability, and will typically require multi-day bookings for this Homecoming weekend.

Bus Transportation – Skip Kohler
We will have bus transportation daily between the hotels and Alumni Hall. During the football game and tailgate, the buses will travel between the hotels and the stadium. After the game one bus will make runs to the city dock. Two buses will have wheelchair lifts.
There will also be a handicapped accessible smaller bus making a circuit on the yard when we have events scheduled on the yard. Joyce Stocks has made arrangements for several electric carts for handicapped transportation from the P-rade to the Reception.

This is maybe the most important event of the weekend, as we honor our fallen Classmates by reading each of their names.
–  We still need more Company Readers to read the names of their fallen company-mates at the memorial service. If interested in helping, please contact Bill Moffatt. We still need readers from Companies: 6, 8, 9, 16, 18, 19, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 32, and 34.  Also, we are working toward streaming the Memorial Service or possibly recording it for people/NOK who cannot attend.

Texting – Rich Robison is working on a system that will allow us to text you all event reminders and changes during the reunion weekend.

Balfour Rep- A Balfour Rep will be available at the Tailgate for purchase of rings, crests and resize rings. Ginna Rubel

Misc info
– COVID protocols are likely to change between now and October. We will keep you informed. – – This is one of the conditions that can be publicized via text, if you agree to receive texts while registering.
– Other info on Parking, driving onto the yard, security docs, etc., will be explained later as procedures change. (Have you ever seen procedures change in the Navy??)

Schedule of Events

Thursday, 27 October 2022
0730-1600 Midshipmen Store Hours
0900-1700 Visitor Center Hours
1000-1200 Tennis play see Don Carlson at
0730-1600 Golf Tournament see Tal Manvel
0900-1700 Museum Hours
1200-1215 Noon Meal Formation
1600-2000 Check-In and Welcome Reception- Doubletree Hotel

Friday, 28 October 2022
0730-1600 Midshipmen Store Hours
0830-0930 Tour ’72 Rehab facility – Ricketts Hall
0900-2000 Registration check-in – Alumni Hall lobby
0900-1700 Visitor Center Hours
0900-1700 Museum Hours
1030-1100 Interment of Gary Smith (18th)
1030-1130 Class Business meeting Rickover 102
1200-1215 Noon Meal Formation
1350-1500 Superintendent’s Briefing
1600-1715 Dress P-rade on Worden Field
1700-1930 Reception (immediately after P-rade)
1700-1900 Check-in – Alumni Hall
1930-2130 Company Tables – Alumni Hall for Company party
1915-2030 Jewish Service in Levy Center

Saturday, 29 October 2022
0730-1200 Midshipmen Store Hours
0900-1700 Museum Hours
0900-1700 Visitor Center Hours
1330-1930 Tailgate (Inside stadium NW corner)
1530-1930 Navy vs Temple

Sunday 30 October 2022
0800-1000 Brunch in King Hall
0900-1000 Catholic Service (Main Chapel)
1000-1100 Class ’72 Memorial Ceremony in the Levy Center
1100-1215 Protestant Service (Main Chapel)